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The Tarquini Mission

To provide wholesome and nutritious products

through responsible agricultural practices,

for a happy and healthy life.    

Who are we?

    The original family business was established by Prentice Harper in 1961. His farm consists of 100 acres located in the heart of the Hoosier National Forest in Derby, Indiana. The land was long known for it's mass Christmas tree production to wholesale companies in the surrounding areas and is still operating today.

    In 1970, Jon Harper (son of Prentice) helped at the farm and expanded the family business by starting a produce stand in his northern home of Perrysville, Indiana. 

    Jon Harper continues to operate the Harper Christmas Tree location while Andi Tarquini (granddaughter of Jon) has carried on the original produce business at the Perrysville, Indiana location with her husband Rob Williamson. 

   The Harper Tree Farm & now Tarquini's are long-standing family businesses that strive to provide local and wholesome products.

Why did you start growing tomatoes?


"I moved to Perrysville in 1970. Your Aunt Trebbie wanted a bike at age seven. I had already planted a row of tomatoes along the back fence and we had much more than we could I told her to make a sign and set up the card table on the front porch. She made enough money in three weeks to buy her very own bike! The next summer, your mom wanted a bike." 

Thursday's @ 10AM
(while supplies last)

Asparagus, Flowers,

Berries, Cole Cr

Open 7 Days a Week
Veggies, Peaches, Melons

Open 7 Days a Week
Mums, Pumpkins, Preserves

Last Day of Retail:

Holiday Market
November 15-19, 2023
"Thank you!" to the following local restaurants
for purchasing from Tarquini's:

Jocko's - Danville, IL

Possum Trot - Oakwood, IL

El Torro - Danville, IL

The Little Nugget - Danville, IL

I & I Steakhouse - State Line, IL
Mike's Grill - Tilton, IL 

The Sundae Shop - Covington, IN

The Local - Covington, IN

Big Thorn - Georgetown, IN 

Eugene Covered Bridge Restaurant - Cayuga, IN 

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